7th & 8th Grade Curriculum

7th & 8th grade trainees complete two 5-week summer classroom-based internships at the University of Washington in Seattle. During the summer in the teaching labs, students receive a general foundation in research skills and presentation skills that allows them to be prepared for the 9th grade summer, when the trainee learns the specific research skills being utilized by a cutting-edge lab team.

7th & 8th Grade STEM Prep Project Curriculum
Junior High – 7th and 8th
5 Weeks
Course of Study
  • Basic Laboratory science techniques, experiments, and procedures
  • Technology and Engineering Concepts and Labs
  • Research Writing Skills
  • Research Presentation
  • Research Statistics
University of Washington, Seattle
In the 7th and 8th grade summers, students spendĀ five weeks in dormitories at University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Males occupy one floor, while females occupy a separate floor. There are two students in a bedroom with a bathroom. Dorm supervision is provided and is multi-layered starting with DLC Staff, the Dorm Coordinator and the Adult Dorm Monitors (a 24-hour live in supervisors).