In the college summers, STEMPREP freshmen (UG1) rotate to the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada); sophomores and juniors rotate to training sites at the University of Texas-Southwestern (Dallas) or to the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada); seniors rotate to training sites at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda) or to the pharmaceutical company, Merck (Rahway, New Jersey).

PSTP & BSTP college trainees annually participate in a 10-week summer internship at a lab engaged in translational research in order to gain an understanding of the bridge between basic science research and clinical research. These college trainees have the opportunity to experience translational research in a pharmaceutical setting and in an academic setting, and upon graduation can feel assured that they have gained an in-depth exposure to all of the work environments in the biomedical discovery arena. As a result of this varied lab exposure, PSTP & BSTP college seniors have a cadre of mentors to call upon to help make an informed decision about career path. In the college summers, TEMP trainees continue to engage in internships in biomedical engineering, biostatistics and bioinformatics at academic and pharmaceutical settings. This long-term exposure to work environments in the research arena has prepared the trainees in the three intramural programs for success at the post-baccalaureate level.