11th Grade Curriculum

In the 11th grade summer, each trainee is placed in a 7- week internship at the University of Washington. The programmatic expectations for each trainee going into a lab are the same: the senior researcher will have the trainee learn the workings (theory & hands-on) of a cutting-edge research lab. The senior researcher supervises and oversees the content and structure of the end-of-summer requirements (research paper, poster, and powerpoint presentation).

11th Grade StemPrep Project Curriculum
High School 11th
7 Weeks
Course of Study
Students work in a basic science lab or engineering lab or a technology lab at the University of Washington under the direct supervision of an assigned mentor/researcher.
University of Washington, Seattle
In the 11th grade summer, students live in dormitories at the University of Washington in Washington, Seattle. The supervision is multi-layered, with DLC Staff, the Dorm Coordinator, a 24-hour live in supervisor, and the Dorm Monitors, who are 24-hour live in chaperones under the supervision of the Dorm Coordinator.